X.O. Hors d'Âge 20 Years

To you, owners of this very high quality French Armagnac XO Hors d'Age.

The Armagnac you find here captured in a precious Bohemain crystal decanter, more than just spirits, is a separate entity. It contains within itself a seven centuries old ability coming from the French territory, and a unique identity. 

Made of passion, patience and attention, his age reflects the past years to develop unique and rare virtues, containing secrets that will reveal only when in contact with the lips and palate. 

This Armagnac reflects the rich and noble values that are unique to its manufacture and its development, since the harvest, untill the distillation, conservation and finally bottling. 

In the Southwest of France, these values are transmitted from generation to generation, carry a unique know-how and ancient secrets duly preserved over the centuries. It is representative of a prestigious French heritage whose unusual strength and ambition mix with pleasure fine flavors, dreams, social values and precious virtues. 

This spirits, if wisely and soberly consumed, brings forty virtues. It sharpens the mind, recalls the past to memory, makes merry over every man, preserves youth and brightens the passing of time….. 

So, tasting this Armagnac XO, beyond the experience of taste, proves to be a real introspective journey in which the senses are awakened and the spirit delights.

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